The Incipit Miniature of the Morgan Gospel of John

  • Barbara Baert (KU Leuven)


In this paper, I explore the iconographical relationship between the letters and the support on fol. 157r of the Morgan Gospels, written and illuminated in Westphalia, Germany during the mid-tenth century. On the basis of its formal properties and the iconographic meaning it takes, I will give particular attention to the materiality of the Latin text and its cultural and symbolic significance. The folio under study develops a form of  ‘agency’. With this perspective, I hope not only to contribute to the important line of argument Joshua O’Driscoll develops in his iconic article, but also to explore the meaning of Latin as an iconological statement and hence to contribute with new methodological developments in the field of art history.

Keywords: Spolia, Ottonian miniature painting, abstract symbolism, marble, Roman script, Iconology

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Baert, B., (2023) “The Incipit Miniature of the Morgan Gospel of John”, Journal of Latin Cosmopolitanism and European Literatures 8. doi:

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Published on
12 Jul 2023
Peer Reviewed