Language on Display: Latin in the Material Culture of Fascist Italy

  • Han Lamers (University of Oslo)


This article explores the various uses and functions of the Latin language in the material culture of Fascist Italy. It shows that Latin words and phrases were used across diverse media and artistic styles, served several communicative purposes, and went beyond elitist literary circles. The analysis pays special attention to the material aspects and symbolic implications of the ways in which Latin words were showcased in specific locations and settings. Through brief case studies from graphic design, architecture, monumental sculpture, and landscape design, it demonstrates how Latin could become a means of political messaging, also for those with limited knowledge of the language. Offering a more encompassing discussion of the subject than currently available, the article sets the stage for future research and presents some avenues for further exploration.

Keywords: Latin, Fascism, Visual culture

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Lamers, H., (2023) “Language on Display: Latin in the Material Culture of Fascist Italy”, Journal of Latin Cosmopolitanism and European Literatures 8. doi:

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Published on
12 Jul 2023
Peer Reviewed